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Mikael grew up at the north side of the world, somewhere in Scandinavia.

When he was young he listened to alot of various music styles, such as electronic music of the 80's and 90's, new wave, early industrial music, rock, heavy metal, pop and so on.

Twenty years ago, he started to play- and experiment with synthesizers, and continued doing so occasionally over the years.

Mikael Chris Nord

Many things filled up his life, and the time flies.

He kept up his craft and also learned mixing, made music for a couple of unreleased projects while working full time, studying, family life, and experimenting with other instruments..

Recently he felt it was time to release some electronic stuff.

Some things..
  1. Eyes: Blue
  2. Height: 180cm
  3. Colour: Blue
  4. Food: Lasagna
  5. Drink: Coffee